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Wheel balancing

Are your tyres degrading quickly? Why not solve that by getting wheel balancing from C.L.C.M  Autotyre Ltd? You'll reduce tyre wear, improve your drive-train components and get a more smoother drive that makes your car glide along the road.

Wheel alignment

By getting wheel alignment, you'll be saving money straight away as your fuel efficiency will improve. You'll also reduce wear and tear on your brakes, tyres and suspension giving you a safer drive.

Improve your safety and fuel efficiency with our range of wheel balancing and wheel alignment services by calling us on:

0131 458 5559

Haweka wheel balancing systems

With Haweka wheel balancing systems, you get a professional solution that can fit any bike or car. It's a system that has been approved by every car and tyre manufacturer worldwide so you can be assured it will provide you with quality balancing.

Save money and get a smoother drive